The American Horse Council Equine Economic Study

AHC 2017 equine economic study needs your help by DEC.31 2016
American Horse Council is asking for pledges (a promise to send money) or donations before December 31, 2016 in order to have an idea of how much funding they will have to cover the cost of $500,000 needed for a national equine economic study. They have to have so much pledged in order to sign the contract with the firm hired to manage the survey.  The Survey is expected to be opened in March and closed in October.
Last survey was done in 2005. Much has changed since then. We need current statistics to present to national, state and town levels to make them understand the value of our industry. How many equines do we have in the nation? How many suppliers and services do we have where equine owners spend money or provide jobs? How much hay and grain needs to be grown nationally for the equine industry?
Two pledge forms –
The first form is for the national study-this has to be meet first.
The second form is to pledge again, but this time to meet $20,000 so your state info can be broken into its own package. Download form.
For more info see below. Make copies of form and place at your local equine farms, businesses and club meetings.
NHHC Trails Committee
Who will be able to participate in the Survey from New Hampshire?
AHC is planning on sending the survey to as many industry participants as possible. AHC Members, Breed Registry members, racing organizations, trail organizations, state horse council members, etc.
AHC  encourages ANYONE involved in the industry to fill out a survey- it’s definitely not restricted to just people that belong to an organization.
If for some reason an organization is missed, please contact AHC to get the survey. They want to be as inclusive as possible.
The survey will also be available to be shared on social media sites as well. Social media sharing certainly wasn’t as available back in 2005 when the previous study was done, so sharing the link to the study on social media will be an important option.  (this will help reach out to back yard horse owner.)
Also Trade publications (for example, Western Horsemen would include a link to the survey)
Press releases and announcements will also be distributed when the survey is ready.
How does a State become a break out State?
The national study has to be completed in order to get additional data for a state breakout, so pledges are needed first for the national study.
The breakout state pledge is a second pledge done on a separate form.
Any state is welcome to be a breakout state—they just have to raise additional funds to cover the cost of being a breakout state, which is approximately $20,000. The deadline date for breakout state pledges is expected to be December 31st 2016.
There is a separate pledge form for the breakout state. Contact AHC for the breakout state form.
What will the 2017 study cover-why is it important?
Here is a link to some FAQ’s about the study that I think you might find helpful:
Trail riding should be covered in the 2017 study, as I have been told.
What did the 2005 survey cover (in a nutshell)?
What state do you live in? Are you primarily a horse owner? As a horse owner what activities are you involved in? In addition to being a primarily a horse owner do you provide services or goods to horses you do not own? How many horses do you own? What is each of your horses used for?  Specify breed of horse you own. Are you a partial owner of a horse?
Is your primary role in the horse industry as a supplier of goods and services? Describe your role as a horse industry supplier.
Please send a form or give a form to a friend to support our industry’s economic study!
Challenge your clients or membership to matching a dollar for every donation sent by them.