All mailed nominations must be returned to the NHHC by January 15th for presentation at the next annual meeting.
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Please mail nominations to:
NHHC HPOTY, 205 South Hedgehog Hill Rd., Unity, NH 03773  
The continued success of this program depends on YOU! If you nominated someone in the past who was not selected, please try again.

Past Horsepersons of the Year

2022 Phyllis Elliott, Hidden Pond Equine Rescue, Brentwood, NH
2021 Avis Rosenfield, Deeerfield, NH
2015 through 2020 No nominations
2014 Teresa Paradis of Live and Let Live Farm's Rescue and Sanctuary
2013 Patricia Morris, Esq.
2012 Kim DiPietro of New Boston NH
2011 Karen Dodge
2010 Julia Webb, Chester, NH
2009 Joan Ganotis, N. Hampton, NH
2008 Debbie Briscoe, Brentwood, NH
2007 Grant Myhre, DVM, Rochester, NH
2006 Clifford McGinnis, DVM, Pembroke, NH
2005 Cher Griffin, Candia, NH
2004 Ron Levesque, Epping, NH
2003 Isabel McDaniel, Temple NH
2001 Hannah Howard, Epping, NH
2000 Joanne Gelinas, Goffstown, NH
1999 Mary Ann Davis, Somersworth, NH
1998 Ruth Ferland, Cornish, NH

Nomination Procedure - submission deadline January 15th

Each year the NHHC asks the public for help in identifying an recommending those very special unrecognized individuals dedicated to helping, promoting and unifying New Hampshire's horse community; a person that made a difference to New Hampshire's horses during the past year!


1. NH resident for minimum of three years.
2. Nominee does not have to be a NHHC member. The “Horse Person of the Year” program began in 1998, and Ruth Ferland (Cornish, NH) was our first winner. This program came about as a way to give recognition to the many individuals in New Hampshire who have given unselfishly to making our horse industry better.
As you know, the horse industry is a diverse one. It is made up of many different breeds with many different performance disciplines. It encompasses all the age groups and economic sectors. It spans agricultural, social, business, recreational, horse welfare and therapeutic areas. You may know a deserving individual, who has made a difference by reaching across many disciplines to help bring unity to our horse industry. This person has gone beyond expectations in his/her achievements with 4-H or Pony Club, high school teams, horse organizations, therapeutic riding, and horse shelters, trails ambassador/maintenance or helping other horse owners. It may be a professional person who is active in one of the various breeds, disciplines, fundraising, preserving open space or involved in horse education. We’re looking for the individual whose stable operation exemplifies high standards in both horse health management and farm management. This person is a leader, a teacher, a role model for the NH horse industry you would be proud to recommend. If you have someone in mind that meets some or all of the criteria shown below, we invite you to submit a nomination.
Be sure to tell us why you feel your nominee should be selected. Our panel of judges may need to rely solely on this portion of the nomination form in the event other criteria for the candidates are evenly matched.
After considering all the nominees the NHHC Board of Directors will present a beautiful engraved hardwood plaque to the nominee they feel best fulfills the suggested criteria. Feel free to expand your explanation when considering someone for this nomination.

Selection Criteria Guidelines:

  • In what way has this person made my or others involvement with horses more meaningful?

  • Farm/stable owner with excellent horse health management & farm management practices

  • Leader or active participant in a horse related organization

  • Active in local community horse related activities.

  • Active on a state and/or national level in the horse community

  • Is a professional horse person volunteering in other disciplines, i.e., a farrier or trainer who is active in fundraising, animal shelters, trail conservation, agricultural awareness or education

  • A person who exemplifies and promotes the true meaning of sportsmanship

Remember: “The Horse Person of the Year ” winner and the person who submitted the nomination will receive a free one-year membership to the NHHC. The continued success of this program depends on YOU! If you nominated someone in the past who was not selected, please try again.

All mailed nominations must be returned to the NHHC no later than January 15th.
Download Nomination form >>>>
Please mail nominations to:
NHHC HPOTY, c/o Jozi Best, 205 South Hedgehog Hill Rd., Unity, NH 03773