NHHC's project supporting "Where the Hooves Go"

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Purpose: Established a fund that collects/raises money to donate to State Parks, Conservation Agencies, and other recreational/trail organizations in support of equine trails and trail projects.
Monetary Applications:  Provide matching funds or additional funds for a grant project, a donation to reimburse or thank you after a project is done or support other administration cost for trails that benefit horse use. 
Rational: We only have a small amount of active equine trail clubs with limited membership doing trail maintenance and only a few trail/conservation benefit rides. Benefit rides by individual clubs are still an essential part of the local stewardship equation. But we have a much larger equine community where the funds will expand the opportunity for non-members of clubs or non-participants of benefit rides to Support Where The Hooves Go. This type of fundraising effort is not likely affected by weather as seen with rides. Many donors giving smaller amounts to a pot can be more cost efficient in trying times. Publicizing the donor list of clubs, individuals, and businesses could be more impressive to the recipients. Spreading the funds around the state can make equine use more visible and valuable to land managers. It can make for better relationships with landowners and other user types who are known for valuable trail work.
Fund Raising: Yearly fund raising goal is open ended.  Example, if we raise $1,000 then $500 could go to two different recipients. We will be aiming to eventually keep $2000 in fund each year.
NHHC members and affiliate members are asked to help with soliciting funds, via facebook posts and other fundraising methods.
Structure: Management held by NHHC Trails Committee and NHHC BOD.
Recipients can’t receive donations 2 years in a row, when there are other options to choose from. Depending on the number of recipient options it may be several years before a single entity receives another donation. 
Recipients can be a State Park, Conservation Agency, or Trail/Rail Trail Organization who have, or work on, trails used by horses and the improvements benefit trail horse use.
NHHC members, affiliate members and donors can make suggestions on who should be a recipient.
The trails committee/sub-committee chooses and recommends the recipient/s to the NHHC BOD who approves the disbursement of the funds.  NHHC will:
·         Create an evaluation guideline that the committee uses to help evaluate the recipients.
·         Provide list of donors to the Recipient when receiving their check and publish the list and an article about the donation.
·         Add a line to club membership forms for a donation to the fund.
·         Monies collected and donated to recipients are in a separate line in the NHHC budget.
·         If Committee is dispersed, then remaining monies go to trails determined by NHHC BOD/members.

Recipient qualifications and evaluation procedure are available on request

Donations can be sent to the NHHC Treasurer, 12 Kelly Street, Haverhill, MA 01832 and please note on the check "For Trails"

Donations can also be made through the following PayPal link

Donations to a 501C5 are not tax deductible

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Pamela Anderson Sue Eastman Annette Preece
Debra Briscoe Farms & Barns Real Estate LLC Laura Susmann
Cold Moon Farm Seth Levine  
Jane Cleveland Judy Lorimer  


Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests - $500.00
Bear Brook State Park Equestrian Camping Project - $500.00



Patricia Ashworth Patricia Darmofal Stacia Mackie
Jean Banville Sue East,an Fred McNeil
Karen Bishop Cynthia Eliason Sarah Oxnard
Debbie Briscoe Laurie Greci Laura Robertson
Holly Cook Nancy Jarvis Cindy Schlener
Deborah Currier Marla Lane Annie Schneider
Erin Crosgrove Trixie Lefebvre Dana Welch


Friends of Pisgah State Park of NH - $450.00
Rockingham Recreational Trail Association - $450.00